Worth Matravers to Chapman’s Pool Walk

The Worth Matravers to St Aldhelm’s Head and Chapman’s Pool walk is a stunning mix of countryside and coastal views.

Distance: 2.9 miles (Circular walk)
Difficulty: Medium (steep steps descent and ascent at Emmetts Hill)
Estimated time: 1 hour 30 mins
Total ascent 394ft, Highest point 427ft
Date of walk: June 2020

Worth Matravers to St Aldhelms Head and Chapman's Pool Walk map
Worth Matravers to St Aldhelms Head and Chapman’s Pool Walk map
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Route: Renscombe car park (Worth Matravers) – St Aldhelm’s Head (Radar Memorial, Coastguard Station, St Aldhelm’s Chapel) – Emmetts Hill – Chapman’s Pool viewpoint – Rtn

The start of the walk is Renscombe Car Park in Worth Matravers. To get to the car park you have to drive through the village and past the church. The postcode is BH19 3LL (Google maps or What3words). This car park is FREE.

Map of walks in the Worth Matravers area
Worth Matravers Walks map. I’ve highlighted the route of the walk in yellow.
Entrance to Renscombe Car Park in Worth Matravers
Start of walk: Renscombe Car Park in Worth Matravers
Follow the track from the car park south towards St Aldhelm’s Head
Keep going straight ahead
When the track forks keep to the left. The right track leads down to the quarry
St Aldhelm’s Chapel comes into view in the distance on the right
To your left you’ll see the steep valley at the bottom of Emmetts Hill. You’ll be going up and down the valley sides later in the walk. For now keep to the stone track heading towards St Aldhelm’s Chapel.
St Aldhelm’s Capel on the left and Coastguard Cottages on the right
The small white building to the left of the chapel is the Coastguard Lookout Station
Coastguard Cottages
St Aldhelm’s Chapel
Coastguard Station
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